Top Panel for Lulzbot Mini 3D Printer Enclosure (Optional)

A flush fit Acrylic panel for enclosing the top of your Lulzbot Mini 3D Printer.  We've had a number of requests to add a top panel as a complement for our popular Lulzbot Mini enclosure kit.   In our testing we're seen approximately a 10 degree F increase in the build space, over extended prints (>4 hrs), with this top plate installed (vs the rest of the enclosure installed - four sides, and leaving the top open).  We'd recommend monitoring the build envelope temperature (we used an inexpensive meat thermometer), and not doing unattended printing, when the printer is buttoned up like this.  Additional advantages with this top plate installed are that it keeps the interior dust free, and keeps things from falling into the printer, and keeps your cat from stealing your prints.  This panel attaches with the same laser cut panel clips as the rest of the enclosure, so it is easy to install and remove.  Note: Your mileage may vary.  At all times you should pay close attention to the operating condition and parameter of your 3D Printer.  Always  keep in mind that it is operating at high temperatures.  Respect and care are in order.


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