Apro V2 Wrist Mount

Places your GoPro Hero HD or Hero 2 camera securely on the back of you hand.  Similar to the GoPro Hero 3 case, but scaled to fit the older GoPro Camera models.  Places your camera perfectly positioned to capture the action with you at the center of it all. Includes the "Fail Safe" wrist strap and lens cover.  Strong ABS housing, with side impact lens protection, low profile to minimize snag hazards, easy access for power/mode and record buttons, Front record indicator light, Low profile latch gives you access to the camera, while the housing remains securely attached, and it has a hole for the microphone to improve the audio.

The optional extended battery back adds additional space to accommodate the GopPro Battery BacPac (not included).

Available in Black, Silver, Steel, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, and Orange, with Black, Blue or Silver wrist straps.

(Note this housing is not waterproof or even water resistant)


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